Behavioral Health Assessment

The First Step

Upon booking your first appointment you will be meeting with Sheri Lyn Rose Haas, M.A., or Dr. Glover for your intake screening and initial assessment.  Mrs. Haas is a Licensed Psychological Practitioner in Kentucky with over 20 years of experience in both public and private behavioral health care systems.  Dr. Glover is a Licensed Psychologist with over 10 years of experience in direct behavioral health care.  The initial behavioral health assessment is designed to ensure that your treatment goals are understood and that you are assigned to the appropriate provider teams.

Behavioral Health Services

Continuing Care

The initial psychological assessment and substance use screening is followed by individual psychotherapy for those who require behavioral health care, or those wanting to address extraordinary circumstances in their lives.  Individual psychotherapy is provided by our highly skilled mental health professionals,  Cindy Reed, LCSW and Elizabeth Lykins, MSW.  Services are voluntary and by appointment only.

Peer Support Services

Supportive Therapy

Patients often find that it is easier to speak with someone who has also been through the challenges presented by substance dependence.  To that end, Appalachian Wellness is proud to provide peer support services to our patients.  Two certified peer support specialists will assist you through your recovery process in both group sessions and general support.  We are happy to have James Rowlett as our peer support specialist.